Local News "Repeater" adds "tweet-watcher" to resume. | THE JEENYUS CORNER | #libertyNEVERsleeps

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Marshall D. Culpepper

For those of you who weren’t already aware, There has been a developing animosity (for lack of a better word) between yours truly and local WHNS morning news anchor, Cody Alcorn.   The feud began after I grew tired of hearing, what I can only describe, as propaganda from the morning news crew.

They covered the story of a 77 year old woman with medial problem who was jerked out of her vehicle by a tough-guy cop on a power-trip.  There were strong suggestions that innocent American citizens should just follow unlawful demands by law enforcement officials.

I immediately posted on Mr. Alcorn’s Facebook page expressing my dislike for promoting such spineless submission to “big brother” and the growing tyranny in this nation.

A couple of days later, after hearing Mr. Alcorn “report” (REPEAT) the media spin on the newest Quantitative Easing program.  Cody, as well as his co-anchor failed to point out that the Federal Reserve is NOT an actual government agency.

In-fact, when watching the report from a guy who claims “…we gather all the information we can to bring our viewers a fair, accurate report about what’s happening.” (from Alcorn’s biography), it was pretty much implied that the Fed, which IS a privately owned corporation, was an actual part of the government.

At this point, I tried to help the Upstate, SC Repeater, by sharing with him Ben Swann’s recent “Reality Check” about the QE3 program, and how it will do more damage to the economy than it could ever help. 

A debate, which Cody did not really participate in, about why I was “bashing” the newscaster, soon followed.

On September 18th, I received a notification that Cody Alcorn had started following me on Twitter, which was more than fine with me. I simply dismissed it, and went about my daily routine.

The next day (Sept. 19th) was my birthday, and my dear wife thought I would be amused if she got the news crew to shout me out in their daily happy birthday wishes.  I did actually rather get a kick out of it, especially when It was Mr. Alcorn him self that extended the birthday greeting. I even made a pretty funny video (in my opinion) as a present to myself.

Early this morning, as the four-hour “news” program came on, I had remembered that Cody had started following me on Twitter, so I went to go return the favor.  Much to my surprise and amusement, I discovered that I have been BLOCKED from following Mr. Alcorn’s twitter account. I find it very hilarious that a repeater… err. reporter would set himself up for the obvious “attack” that would come in response to his attempt to “tweet-watch”.   Seriously, news that’s made to ENTERTAIN is just plain stupid! Once again, I seem to have Out-Foxed “Foxy Cody”.


Just wanted to add this quick update to let everyone know that I was somehow, and mysteriously unblocked from following local Repeater, Cody Alcorn. Lol. I wonder if it was something I tweeted that influenced the change of heart. lol. #libertyNEVERsleeps


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