How Could The US Embassy In BENGHAZI Be Attacked When It's Not Even Listed? Explain This! | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper

It seems as though we may have been duped again, as the official story of Sept. 11th. 2012 is turning out to be even more unbelievable by the day.

We were told that a huge mob of “terrorists” launched an assault against the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  This Attack has been said to result in the death of the US Ambassador, Christoper Stevens, as well as several US citizens employed at the embassy reportedly located in Benghazi.

Out of all the questions that could be asked in this situation, it turns out the one we should ask is this: Why are they LYING to us? There is NO embassy even listed in Benghazi!

Freelance journalist, Jim Stone, has called the apparent media farce a “Back flipping retarded, stupid propaganda fail”.

Mr. Stone posted his article, pointing out the blatant falsehood in the tale being portrayed in the world of main-stream propagandized media on September 13th, just two days after the alleged attack was said to have taken place.

Providing several links to back up his claim, Stone continues to say; “We totally have the scamming media by the balls here, we can wake up the sheep with this, archive and post!”

The information stone provides is shocking, and the proof he offers via multiple sources is too overwhelming to ignore.

We’re not as stupid as they think, especially when they leave a trail:

  1. According to the US State Department’s official, there is only one embassy listed in Libya, and it’s in Tripoli, not Benghazi! (
  2. Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY or CONSULATE there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative location near you.
  3. Wikipedia was also used as a source to prove that there is no Embassy in Benghazi. However, with the nature of Wikipedia, it surly won’t be long until they’ve changed the content to match their propaganda.

I urge all my readers to check out Jim Stone’s article on his website, For heaven’s sake, make this go VIRAL! Expose these war-criminals and charlatanism for what they are!



4 thoughts on “How Could The US Embassy In BENGHAZI Be Attacked When It's Not Even Listed? Explain This! | THE JEENYUS CORNER

    • I have never said that there was NO attack at all. But the facts surround it have not been reported honestly by the corporate media nor elected officials. The media still denies that it was a pre-planned attack, yet it couldn’t be more obvious that it was. And it has been stated by those associated with the situation o n both sides have said that it was. They also said that Stevens was in a car that was shot with an RPG, then it turned into he was in a safe-house that came under RPG and mortar attack. And the pictures of his body clearly show that he couldn’t have been hit with an RPG. Just sayin’.

  1. Well done Jim Stone! Such a simple tactic to confuse ‘Embassy’ with ‘Consulate’ and then spin a new conspiracy theory around it. I’m hoping this one will run and run, as it provides a classic example of a conspiracy theory archetype: start with a ludicrously false premise and misdirect your audience by focussing on the details you’ve constructed from it.

    Disclaimer: On the off-chance that Jim Stone is genuinely so stupid as to confuse the US Consulate in Benghazi with the US Embassy in Tripoli, then I withdraw my admiration. In this latter case, he’s a fucking moron.

    • How about this though, keep in mind that after the attack occurred, ALL of main-stream media and even elected officials kept saying that the “embassy” was attacked… Wouldn’t that make them just as stupid as Jim Stone? Worst part is, they’re supposed to know these things. What else can we expect though, from government and media propaganda that claims that the protests are 100% over a stupid movie, which has been exposed as a big fraud and deception by one of the actresses in the film, Anna Gurji. Cause it’s a video, and not endless drone strikes that killed 28 people in a week and over a thousand so far, that really has people over in the middle east mad. lol. yeah right.

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