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Marshall D. Culpepper

Editor’s note: A poster on The Daily Paul, using the handle RONonymous, accusing me of trying to “smear” Gov. Gary Johnson by simply asking the questions I posed in this article. (see; Gary Johnson Smear- This Time They Say He Is A CFR Member) The very title of RONonymous’s post is blatantly false, and in fact, seems to be an attempt on his/her own part to Smear myself for asking a question. The poster went on to imply that if someone is a “lifetime member” of the NRA, it automatically makes them a trust worthy, pro-liberty person, which is also an ass-inane suggestion, considering that the NRA counts George Bush and Dick Cheaney as their members, both of which are noted globalist pigs. If you support the ability of people to ask questions about a candiate without being accused of smearing said candidate, vote up the comment I posted in response to RONonymous’s hypocritical article. (CLICK HERE) Those who attack people for merely asking questions, in my opinion, are ones to be suspicious of.

Is Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson compromised?  This is a very interesting question, that deserves more attention.  For those who are aware of groups like the Bilderbergers, it’s likely that you’ve also heard of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR). The CFR has been discussed by alternative media personalities such as Alex Jones of, and is well known to be a gear in the machine of the global elite who conspire to rule us all from the shadows.

It is quite alarming to realize that the former New Mexico Governor has a connection to a high-level CFR member, Doug Turner.

Mr. Turner was the campaign manager for Gary Johnson during his successful 1994 campaign to be elected governor of New Mexico, and also for his 1998 re-election.  It is likely that the two continue to have a working relationship and remain in close contact.

Could Gov. Johnson be unaware of the CFR’s role in the New World Order? Or perhaps is this a smoking gun, signifying the libertarian candidate to be a plant for the establishment insiders who wield power and influence in government, media and business around the world? Whatever the case may be, this is a cause for concern to any of those who are truly aware of the puppet-masters that pull the strings on the false paradigm that has become our reality.  See Mr. Turner’s bio from the Council on Foreign Relation’s website:

From The website:

Douglas Turner is the Founder and President of DW Turner Strategic Communications based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has nearly 15 years of public relations, public affairs and political experience throughout the United States and Europe, and has provided political and strategic council to a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients. Mr. Turner has been the general consultant and is the former State Director and Campaign Manager for New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson’s 1994 and 1998 election. He has served on the Republican Governors Association National Finance Committee. He was the Communications Director for Forum Europe, a Brussels-based public issues firm. He is a former syndicated columnist, and served three terms as Chairman of the New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission. Mr. Turner received his B.A. from the American University School of International Studies and his M.A. in international relations from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium.



7 thoughts on “Gary Johnson/Douglas Turner- The CFR Connection? | THE JEENYUS CORNER

  1. Great smear guys! A former campaign adviser later becomes a CFR member! Gary Johnson never had an adviser that was a CFR member but he does have one that later after no longer being an adviser becomes a CFR member! You turn that into some giant conspiracy theory and sling a truckload of mud at Gary Johnson. Bravo for your boldness and two thumbs up for your correct assumption that many of your readers don’t think and will take this exactly as you intend for them to take it!

    • I just posed a question… Aside from that, Gary Johnson himself has made conflicting statements in regards to his foreign policy. Claims to want to end all war, yet says we should keep permanent bases in Afghanistan.

      “I would completely withdraw our military presence,” he expounded. “Does withdrawing our military presence from Afghanistan mean that we would still have a base open in Afghanistan if they allowed us to keep a base open? Perhaps.”

      My intent is for people to ask questions… instead of BLINDLY TRUSTING A GUY b/c he talks a good game.

  2. The facts that completely debunk your little theory here:
    There is obviously nothing wrong with asking questions. If more people asked questions, Obama never would’ve been elected president. But a small amount of research would have shown that this “question” you’ve posed, wasn’t worth the time it took to type it. All it’s doing is making those too lazy to look up the facts, second guess the only honest man who will be on the ballots and stands a chance of derailing the broken and rigged two-party system.
    I’m all for not blindly following candidates, but at least spend 5 minutes on google next time before you make more wildly inaccurate accusations about the only candidate who’s NOT a tool for the elitist shadow government.

    • The only HONEST man?

      You mean the “anti-war” candidate who supports a war of interventionism in Uganda? (

      The Guy who wants to keep Git-Mo open? (

      In this one, GJ contradicts his own self, saying that his policy is “Getting out of Afghanistan”, yet he says he’ll keep more than half of our over seas bases, by saying he’ll do whatever a 43% reduction in bases (, then as he gets tangled in his contradicting rambling, he quickly shifts to harping about budget issues.

      And here’s a really damning video (which includes the comments about git-mo from above):

      And it’s a fact that GJ is tied to the Koch brothers financially, and those guys are globalists, 100%. More on the Koch bros here:

      For those who are NOT too lazy to do the research, there’s enough damning evidence on GJ out there… so the fact that you took the time to make your little post, while sourcing an article that inaccurately called this post a “smear” when the abundance of QUESTION MARKS make it clear that this post is infact, just that… QUESTIONS! Now can you offer any proof that GJ and Mr. Turner have severed all contact?

    • And I would hardly call a post, that FALSELY CLAIMS that I accused Gary Johnson of being a CFR member (note the title of the post), as a “fact”. But here is a FACT… Gary Johnson has taken money from the Koch brothers… and that’s some pretty damning connections. If elected, who would Gary Johnson look out for???

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