Ron Paul's "Tribute" video which tells the American story, one that the RNC REJECTED | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper

The first words are ironic… “It’s the American story…” (speaking of Dr. Paul) Yet it’s the story that the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION’S BOSS’S REJECTED. Not just this election, but for 26 years of service in congress. They didn’t listen. They didn’t listen when he predicted the “blow-back” coming in the form of the 9/11 incident. They didn’t listen when he warned of the housing bubble. They didn’t listen when he warned of the total economic collapse.  In time, who knows how soon, we will see the full collapse and END OF the American dollar.

When the UN takes over and we lose our LAST BIT of sovereignty (which won’t be long after the collapse of the dollar, mark my words). With the foreign military build ups going on in our borders, a President & Presidential candidate, chomping at the bit, to spark WWIII by escalating the war in syria (which we started by funding Al-Qaeda’s “Free Syrian Army”) while launching a strike on Iran.  This will cause Iran’s Allies (Russia and China) to engage our nation in war or other harmful acts of aggression. To be clear on how serious this possibility is, consider this… MONTHS ago, before the New Year even, China’s President Hu instructed his Naval commanders to “prepare for war, AGAINST AMERICA!”.

If you can not see that Goldman Sachs is IN BED WITH THE CRIMINAL WORLD BANKS and FRAUDULENT FEDERAL RESERVE (responsible for crashing the dollar), then you’re in for some sad truths.  Our republic will fall if the international banking cartel is allowed to rig this election by having bought the two L/R candidates. The banking interests and “money-powers” who orchestrated the assassination of JFK b/c he was going to use an E.O. to END THE FED, and issue gold/silver based currency as did Lincoln with his green-backs. I hope I’m not losing anyone here!

English: Andrew Jackson - 7 th President of th...
The very same money masters that Andrew Jackson fought against. The threat is NOTHING NEW, it is the very forces and government we fought against to claim our INDEPENDENCE from in 1776. It pains me that the fall of our nation would happen in my lifetime, but it has arrived at our doorstep, and Romney and Obama both are on record for supporting the policies that will open the door. And when tyranny, in it’s strongest form once again descends upon the people of America, it will be in the form of the one world luciferian  government that is foretold in the bible.  The “New World Order” that Bush Sr publicly announced the starting of. This enslaving new system that Dubyuh Jr, Barry Hussein, and now possibly Mittens WilTard Robama, are working to build.

It will be the end of freedom and soverignty, not just for us in America, but for everyone on the earth. Woe unto us if this UNHOLY banking cartel successfully wins this election. For then we’ll really have to embrace one of our founding cries  When U.N. Troops start doing their “peace-keeping” missions here in America: “LIBERTY OR DEATH!”
May God help us all!


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