Ron Paul's Rally: The Event That Could Give Birth To A New Party | THE JEENYUS CORNER

Marshall D. Culpepper

The RNC Convention has lost it’s significance in the shadow The Historic Gathering In Tampa –

As I hear the words of the man who is solely responsible for changing America and the entire world, I find myself realizing a profound fact.  The GOP Establishment is dead.  Their hierarchy is fleeing like rats on a sinking ship.  Thousands upon thousands of people of all creeds, colors, religions and principles hearing the same words, and receiving those words as the right path for America.  While the GOP has bowed down to Lord Mittens, The emperor of Flip-flops, they has just personally sealed their fate.

The voice of liberty has been echoed by a wide range of voices, with a truly historic list of speakers.  The Southern Avenger, Jack Hunter, spoke like a true supporter of liberty.  Taking a few well placed jabs at Rick Santorum during his speech, he presented a very logical case as to why we will not lose this fight.  Mr. Hunter educated the eager crowd on the history of what has long been at work, the rebirth of true conservatism.

State Senator, Tom Davis, who is from my home state of South Carolina gave an electrifying diatribe.  With a great passion for, and understanding of liberty, his words were well received by the revolutionary movement of the people. Davis threw down the gauntlet giving a clear indication that he will challenge U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham in the 2014 Republican primary. [Check out the grassroots support page for Tom Davis’s 2014 primary challenge]

Before the man known as the Thomas Jefferson of our time began his speech, his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) gave some inspiring remarks which included the goal of passing the Fed Audit bill in the senate, and moving on to an audit of the Pentagon. Grilling the TSA, and ripping into the failed policies of the false left/right paradigm before he introduced the man who changed the world… Dr. Ron Paul.

There are no words I can write that could encompass the words spoken by the champion of our constitution, so enjoy the video of Rand Paul introducing his father, and the father of our movement, Dr. Ron Paul:


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