Patriot and Marine Veteran being held in psych. Hospital over facebook posts | THE JEENYUS CORNER |

Marshall D. Culpepper

As the day has passed along, liberty lovers and patriots have been spreading the news like wild fire, in support of Brandon J. Raub.

Raub, who was “arrested”, last night at around 7:30 pm in Richmond VA, by local county and federal law enforcement officials, has not been charged with a crime and was not read his rights when the government agencies snatched him from his property.

His posts on Facebook, opposing and exposing the tyranny that is ever increasing in our nation, are what let authorities to grab him and haul him off.

Raub’s mother,  posted the following statement on Facebook:

Ok so after the run around by our “competent” local and government agencies I finally received a phone call from my son. They have him “hostage” at John Randolph Psychiatric hospital in Hopewell VA.

He has no clue why he is there, they will not tell him. He has been asked a lot of questions by nurses and was told he would need to go before a judge. I have a recording of this conversation with my son.

John Randolph Psychiatric hospital in Hopewell, VA.
Location of Imprisioned Marine, Brandon Raub.


Here is his version of what happened:

The FBI/Chesterfield County police came to the house, they questioned him on his face book postings and beliefs, he shared openly, calmly and non-violently. They told him they were taking him away.

They DID NOT read him his rights, they handcuffed him and put him in the Chesterfield County police car.

He was not brought to the Jail and booked for any crime, he was brought to Chesterfield Police Department, we have the conversation with the police on video also.

He did not go to Popular Springs VA which an FBI authority told me.

He did end up being taken to John Randolph where he is being held for 72 hours. We are going to see him tonight and we are seeking legal counsel.

Anyone that can aide us, please let us know.

Why take the time to share this? What does this have to do with being a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Patriot, Lover of Freedom, MY COUNTRY and God? It has everything to do with it!

We cannot compartmentalize our lives into little boxes. They are all intertwined, intimately; these varying roles make me who I am!

I owe all I am to God, I owe all my Freedom to the Patriots that came before me, who laid aside ALL, regardless of the cost for that Freedom. They held onto NOTHING but sacred honor, love for country and the quest for freedom from a tyrannical government.

Without our Constitutional Rights and Freedom we have lost all that they accomplished and strived for, without our freedoms we are an enslaved nation.

I want my America back and I am willing to stand up for those freedoms.


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