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Marshall D. Culpepper

Decorated War Veteran (Iraq and Afghanistan) and former Marine, Brandon Raub, of Richmond Virginia was arrested last night by authorities.  Authorites claimed that Raub made “Terroristic” comments on his Facebook Page.  The unconstitutional arrest occurred last night at approximately 7:30 pm at the combat veteran’s home.

The following video was shot with a cell phone camera, by Raub’s brother,  Who began filming when he arrived at the scene of Brandon’s “Capture”.

On “The Josh Tolley Show”, a radio show, his mother Kathleen Thomas, stated he was questioned about his Facebook posts. Kathleen states that she was contacted by phone by FBI agent Sherry Grainger and was told that her son Brandon Raub was arrested for assault, resisting arrest… later agent Grainger said that the threats made by Raub was “terrorist in nature” (see videos below)

Footage of Brandon’s Arrest:

Brandon’s Mother Talking To Josh Tolley After Her Son’s Arrest:

The following posts were made by Cathleen Thomas on Facebook, Expressing her anguish and frustration, as any logical parent and concerned American should be:

Cathleen Thomas (mother of former Marine arrested for using his 1st amendment rights)

I ask that you pray for our country and my son Brandon Raub. He has been arrested by the FBI and Secret Service for his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to express his FREEDOM OF SPEECH on Facebook.

Remember this?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

He is a decorated US MARINE that served in 2 wars for our country.

He is being held for psychiatric evaluation to see if he is “fit for society” they will not tell me where he is and they will not return my phone calls.

I know what they are trying to do, and they will not win. They will try to SLAP PTSD on him, they will say he is unstable. THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT!

Is this what it comes to? Is this MY AMERICA I grew up in? Where are those that are weary of the deliberate stripping and tearing down of our US CONSTITUTION! Were are those that will stand and rise and say “enough is enough” we want out country back. Where are those that adhere, embrace and stand up for the US CONSTITUTION.

I will not be silent, I will not PASSIVELY stand back and do nothing. I will hold the Constitution high and remind our government of our rights. I will lift it up to my Father in heaven and cry GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

I AM PROUD OF MY SON. He his one of the most logical, clear-minded, stable, LOVER OF GOD and COUNTRY men that I know.

HE is a Patriot whose time has come. Wake up America! Wake UP


She later informed supporters of this update:

Latest update.

I was at the Chesterfield police dept inquiring on where my son was. I do have a video of the FBI and Chesterfield police dept taking my son away.

They told me last night, that yes, he is here and being “evaluated”. There was nothing I could do they said, but “await his phone call”.

No one has called, so I began to call. Called the chesterfield police jail and they told me that he was not there and they have NO RECORD of him being processed there or booked for any crime.

They gave me the number to the FBI which I already had because Agent Sherry Granger 804-241-4770 Called me upon his “arrest” and told me my son was being “evaluated” as a “potential terrorist” for his comments on face book AND that he was arrested by the Chesterfield Police Department.

So I called her back this morning since no one seems to know where my son is and she did not speak to me but a representative of the FBI told me he was taken to a Psychiatric Facility called Popluar Springs in Petersburg Va. So I called Popluar Springs and they have no record of his admittance.

How would you like this to happen to your child just because he exercised his constitutional right of FREE SPEECH?

I will be following all this the best I can, and will post updates on the frightening situation.  People, let’s be clear, our country is in danger.  The danger is not on some far off land, it’s right here in AmeriKa.

Please keep Brandon and his family in your prayers.


29 thoughts on “Former Marine Arrested Over Facebook Posts That S.S. Claim Were “Terroristic” | JEENYUSCORNER.COM |

  1. Reblogged this on Blog! and commented:
    Cathleen Thomas (mother of former Marine arrested for using his 1st amendment rights)

    I ask that you pray for our country and my son Brandon Raub. He has been arrested by the FBI and Secret Service for his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to express his FREEDOM OF SPEECH on Facebook.

  2. This incident is one of the first to come unless we rise up and with a LOUD AND UNIFIED VOICE that we demand his release and declare that we will not tolerate this injustice, nor will we tolerate our Constitutional rights being attacked and taken away from us any longer!

  3. It would like to know what was posted on the facebook page. I’m trying to follow this story but can’t find the info. Can someone please post it.

    Was he making direct ( or indirect ) threats indicating that he was going to harm someone or a specific group of people? ……what was he saying on his facebook page?

    On the surface this looks HORRIBLE! There’s missing info. If it was really nothing but opinion, the the info should be made available to us by the people that know him.

    He is trained military. Any threats that he may have of made against anyone should be taken seriously.

    We would be just as outraged if someone else was making threats of violence then carried them out….. Especially if we knew that someone in the government knew about the threats before hand and did nothing.

    Why isn’t anyone else asking these questions?

  4. Who to blame? We allowed Congress, under Bush Jr., to pass the so-called Patriot Act, which destroyed portions of our Constitution. Next came National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) under the Obama administration, which stole even more of our rights under the Constitution. We have only ourselves to blame for not paying attention because we liked whatever administration was in power at the time. We only have ourselves to blame for allowing our elected officials to strip us of our Constitutional rights “for our own security”. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he wisely stated “Those who would give up liberty, for a little temporary security, deserve neither”.

    • I usually try to keep my language clean… but FUCK BLAME! I’m ready to start changing things! Brandon was ready, and he did what most people don’t have the balls, or integrity to do…

    • working on getting that put together… please be patient. I’m just one guy running this site, and over 10 associated FB pages a YouTube channel. I work for free, and I’m a stay at home father of a disabled child. Sorry for venting… just super stressed. I am working on the update, it will be on in an hour or two.

  5. Communities need to organize Minute men to rush to incidents such as this and decide whether something like this should or should not take place and intervene. You may lose your life but if this happens often enough a serious statement will be made to the country and will wake people out the the serious stupor that has gripped the people. Blood spilled in all of history has been seed that sprung up to great movements for right. Do you see a better way? We are laughed at by evil leaders.

  6. I don’t care if he is a former Marine or not………….So was the idiot that killed a bunch of Innocents in Afghanistan a couple months back. So what? Serving your Country does not mean you are a stable citizen. I don’t know what comments he made but you can be sure it was serious enough for the FBI to take him away. I’ve no sympathy for him or the family and his mom should ask what he was doing instead of blaming the government for taking actions to stop him. Seen this far too often. A guy with mental issues posts disturbing threatening comments and they are ignored until he goes haywire and hurts or kills a bunch of people. Good work FBI. Who knows how many people you may have saved.

    • The way the laws are written, they can label anyone as having psychosis at any time. (They’ve diagnosed hims as such, from what I’ve seen from is mother. But he is NOT being drugged. To be clear on that, b/c I know there’s been rumors of that.)

    • Please do! There are updated posts about Brandon on this blog. (and a lot of others!) Since the main stream media refuses to do their job as watchdogs over the government, WE will do it ourselves. God bless you for passing it along. Brandon is a TRUE PATRIOT and HERO!

  7. yes, he gets arrested, while the leader of the black panthers publicly says he wants to raise an army to kill white babies and skin white people but he is not arrested for terrorist statements, why, because he is black or muslim? Raub’s post were kinder garden compared to what this black panther said, yet nothing was dome to him, probably because the black attorney general and ovomit support their black brothers and murdering white babies is not hate speech… this is such bull shit…

  8. Better check those executive Orders of current and past presidents..thing called the Patriot Act, and another one, that gives the Government the right to take citizens into custody without explanation..


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