Facebook page "god" smites romney/ryan…

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The perfect match…
Photo to Facebook Page; God.

Marshall D. Culpepper

via Facebook

The decision to select Paul Ryan as vp, has left Mitt Romney under attack, not only from the more liberal “left”, but from independents as well as the massive liberty movement that is loyal to the message of Dr. Ron Paul.  But I came across this rather interesting post on Facebook, and thought I’d share it.  It seems as though even “higher” authorities are not pleased with the pick either.

“God”, a comedic Facebook page posted a picture (on right) of Romney and Ryan in a tender embrace.  The pair, are the alleged “presumptive” nominees to represent the G.O.P. in November against President Obama (in a “Goldman Sachs v Goldman Sachs election).

The humorous and somewhat disturbing picture was posted with the following description:

Mitt Romney is a duplicitous scumbag. Whether Democrat or Republican, American or not American, EVERYONE despises Mitt Romney. This is well documented.

Paul Ryan is a douchey frat-boy who obsesses about his abs and spends a lot of time doing something called ‘Insanity.’ He denies his wife sex and then jerks off to Internet porn after she’s gone

 to bed. He’s mean to babies. Also, he hates old people and women.Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are both stupid, stupid fools. I know this, because Mitt Romney was stupid enough to ask Paul Ryan to be his running mate. And Paul Ryan was stupid enough to accept.The LORD proclaims! Paul Ryan will go down in history as a VP nominee. He’ll also have to continue to be Paul Ryan. SMITE!

While speaking to a group of construction workers next week, I shall cause Mitt Romney to pee his pants. He will scuttle offstage in embarrassment. SMITE!

Romney / Ryan will lose the election and they’ll be super humiliated. DOUBLE SMITE!


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