Brave Woman Reveals Insider Information On Romney Family's Criminal Network | JEENYUSCORNER.COM

Mitt Romney, as many people now know, is nothing more than a cowardly criminal. He made his living by shipping countless jobs overseas, and investing heavily in companies involved with the murdering of unborn babies.

Over the primary season, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what Romney and his mob-type associates are willing to do to get what they want. Romney is, for now, the “presumptive” nominee, and he got there by fraud, intimidation, coercion, and even brutal violence.

My guest tonight is coming forward with shocking information about the depravity that Romney, and is Michigan-based crime family are willing to stoop to. Her family knows firsthand what kind of monster Mitt Romney truly is. This could very well be the end to Mitt Romney’s presidential bid, and may even see him end up behind bars.



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