Whistle-blower exposes Martial Law preparation and training – Aug. 10th. 8pm (est)/5pm (pac) | JEENYUS CORNER LIVE #25

Marshall D. Culpepper

I was recently contacted by a patriotic citizen (who requested their identity be withheld), with knowledge and information about the preparations being made for the police-state here in America.  This person says that they have participated in “training operations” involving police, and international troops, in preparation for MARTIAL LAW!


Those of us who are “awake” will not be surprised to hear that these drills (which are being carried out on American soil), have been going on for quite sometime now.  Big Brother/Sister Government is preparing the final blows to finish off our once free republic.  The information I’ve learned, by way of my discussions with this individual, paint a clear and sobering picture of what the globalist elite envision for the future.

This patriotic individual has been kind enough to agree to have a discussion with me (and the listeners) about the information he has.  I want to give you an idea of what kind of things we’ll be discussing.  In one of our past communications, he expressed to me that he was involved in a “joint-operation” involving several agencies which had them doing patrols (while fully armed and equipped) inside public high-schools.  This is a very frightening scenario, and should NEVER be taking place in a “free” country like America.

I will be taking callers on-air, so they ask any questions they may have.  I ask that any caller be respectful, and ask thoughtful questions.  This is a very serious issue and my guest (as well as myself) are taking on quite a risk in bringing this information to light.

In addition to discussing the coming police state, we’re going to also talk about things you need to do so that you can be prepared to protect/provide for yourself and your loved ones.


Whistle-blower exposes Martial Law preparation and training- JCL#25
Show starts at 8:00pm(est) / 9:00pm (pac.)      Call-In to the show: 1(347) 857-3508.
Click the image above to go to the show page.


Below are videos from YouTube, showing police/military drills that are similar to what has been described to me by Friday’s guest:

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-Marshall D. Culpepper-

Owner, Founder, Publisher, Editor, Writer and Web Admin. For THE JEENYUS CORNER.**


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