Ron Paul's Crowing Achievement: Bill To Audit Fed Passes House

Marshall D. Culpepper

July, 25. 2012.

Perhaps one of the most important bills in the history of America was passed this afternoon by the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Ron Paul’s Bill, H.R. 459 made it through with some measure of bi-partisan support. 88 Democrats joined 238 Republicans in voting to approve the bill, which has substantial support among all Americans.

One lonely Republican joined the 98 Democrats in opposing the measure which will bring transparency to the ultra secretive, and “independently” run central bank. Opponents of the Federal Reserve System point out that the Fed and all it’s branches are privately owned. One phrase commonly used to describe the Fed’s masquerade is “They’re as Federal as Federal Express”.

This is also a major boost to the still ongoing campaign of Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul, who will not seek re-election to his seat in congress. With the Republican National Convention coming in August, the passing of Dr. Paul’s historic bill is sure to energize the Ron Paul Revolution as they head to Tampa, Florida for the convention.

I, personally, have a feeling that the historic victories for liberty are just beginning. Keep your eyes on Tampa folks…

There’s sure to be some fireworks.


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