JEENYUSCORNER.COM- 10k + views in less than a year!

As The Jeenyus Corner closes in on our one year anniversary next month, I’d like to take a moment to thank all our followers and readers.  I personally put a lot of time and hard work into this site, at the expense of my family, friends, and at times, my sanity.  I feel that the site’s reach and success will only skyrocket in our second year.

I promise to work even harder in the following year to bring you the most interesting stories I find online.

I also want to let everyone know of our other online outlets, including our radio show; JEENYUS CORNER LIVE on Blog Talk Radio. We also have an account on twitter, and a couple of Facebook pages as well.  I will post the links to our various online pages below the slideshow.

Thank you all for helping to make The Jeenyus Corner such a success this past year (Obama says I can’t take all the credit, lol).

I encourage people to share their opinions online as much as possible while we still have the free right to do so.

I fully intend to continue to increase my presence and reach online, and appreciate every thing the readers to to help me achieve that.


Marshall “The Jeenyus” Culpepper
-Owner, Operator, Editor, Web Administrator
President and C.E.O. Of JEENYUSCORNER.COM-


The Jeenyus Corner (Main Website):

The Jeenyus Corner (Facebook Page):

Jeenyus Corner Live on Blog Talk Radio:

Jeenyus Corner Live (Facebook Page):

Jeenyus Corner TV (Youtube Channel):

Jeenyus Corner on Twitter:

Other Affiliated Pages:

Let Yogi The Goat Stay Facebook Page:

Occupy Ice On Main Facebook Page:

South Carolina for Marijuana Facebook Page:


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