Don't just vote him out, Erase the damage he has done…

Marshall D. Culpepper

…and I’m not sure Mittens can do that… jus’ saying. Let’s have a real convention… I’d even like to see the candidates who’ve only “suspended” their campaigns to get back in, and have a spirited debate on the floor, if for nothing else than to effectively build a republican platform where ALL conservative voices are heard! I heard a small bit from both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich that I found to be closer to my views from Romney… they’re no Ron Paul, but I’d like to see Newt and Dr. Paul FORCE some fiscal sanity into the working agenda of WHOEVER the nominee is.

I still think It’ll be an UPSET at the convention!!! RP2012!!!) but overall, I feel like the MAJORITY of TRUE republicans are… to say the least, UNCOMFORTABLE with the guy who said “Corporations are PEOPLE my friend” and “I LIKE being able to FIRE people who provide services to me” He didn’t just fire them, gave their jobs to OTHER countries is what he did… and NObama didn’t do a damn thing to bring them back.Fire Obama, and say NO to the Romney Kool-aid.  Remember the last time someone tricked a mass of people to drink Kool-Aid all at once?

Wake up people, don’t elect a Goldman Sachs candidate. In August, go to Tampa and nominate a candidate that the founding fathers would have chosen. For the sake of America, Nominate Ron Paul to be the Republican Presidential candidate. He CAN beat Obama, and if you nominate him, he will do something Mitt Romney can’t do…



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