"Unconstitutional" South Carolina GOP Chair Chad Connelly's Response To Supreme Court Ruling


Marshall D. Culpepper

Honea Path, SC.

Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, Chad Connelly sent the following statement to SC Republicans in response to the Supreme Court’s Decision to uphold the controversial healthcare mandate commonly known as Obamacare:

Dear Fellow Republican,

Today is a sad day for those who believe that individuals, not the federal government, should be in charge of their own health care decisions.

Let’s not confuse what the Supreme Court said. The Supreme Court did not say that ObamaCare is good policy or good for the country. 
The Supreme Court DID say that ObamaCare’s policies as commerce are unconstitutional – and that they are only constitutional when considered a TAX.
Yet Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats continually misled the American people by saying ObamaCare is NOT a tax.
That’s shameful.
Even worse, ObamaCare’s rules and regulations on job creators and small businesses make it nearly impossible to hire new workers at a time when Americans desperately need jobs.
Health care costs continue to skyrocket and 20 million Americans could lose their employer-provided coverage. (Not to mention the disastrous effects of ObamaCare on our state’s budget.)
We have a path to defeating ObamaCare and it is by electing a new president.

Your investments will give us the resources we need to compete with Barack Obama’s Chicago attack machine.

Thank you in advance,

Chad Connelly
Chairman, South Carolina Republican Party


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