Michigan resident and Oath Keeper, sheds light on mysterious "battle" rumors

Map of Michigan highlighting Alpena County.svg

Map of Michigan highlighting Alpena County.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marshall D. Culpepper

Ray Fencl, a member of the patriotic group Oath Keepers, has confirmed that the reports of a “bloody skirmish” in Northern Michigan are nothing more than online falsehoods.  The Jeenyus Corner shared an unconfirmed report 10 days ago, about a conflict between militia forces and government agents in Alpena, MI.  After spending a large amount of time and considerable resources in an effort to verify these frightening reports. (click here to read the dis proven report)

“BS. I live in Alpena, MI, the supposed location of the battle. We are a town of 13,000 with 13,000 hunters, I think we would notice if some of us were missing!” -Ray Fencl

False reports of government attacks against the citizens of our nation are not uncommon.  As such, they tend to be overlooked by the majority of people.  However, in today’s time, with U.S. Presidents claiming unprecedented authorities and powers, these reports have the potential to cause mass panic, hysteria, and even rash actions by over paranoid and increasingly zealous patriots.

Rest assured, groups like Oath Keepers would be ready to stand and defend the constitution, were it ever to become necessary.  Furthermore, until (and if ever) a REAL attack were to occur by an out of control government on it’s unsuspecting citizens, there would be a swift response from organized militias, as well as every armed citizen who is prepared to defend the life of their family. Till such an event actually becomes reality, it would be well advised to not spread panic based on online rumors. (you can’t believe EVERY thing you read online!)


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