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The average person in America isn’t even aware of it, but a nationwide lawsuit has been filed against the Republican National Committee.  As chairman of the RNC, Rince Priebus is one of the big names mentioned in the complaint.  Other defendants were listed in the April 11th court filing, which includes South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly.  As well as naming GOP Bosses from virtually every state.

The suit came about when a group of lawyers became frustrated with elements inside the campaign of Congressman Ron Paul.  Lawyers for Ron Paul led by their executive committee, stated that they refused to be “sold down the river”, asserting that they are “in it to win it”.  For many of Paul’s devoted supporters, there’s a feeling that some official campaign staffers aren’t so committed.

In the spirited movement’s initial press release, The Executive Committee for LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL stated their objective as;  to obtain a Federal Court order mandating ALL delegates are unbound and free to vote their conscience on the first round of voting at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Despite the fact that the group, are backers of the Presidential Hopeful from TX, they maintain that the case is for the benefit of all delegates.  Observations made throw weight behind the claim, as some blog-journalists have said that as many as 90% of Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s supporters are unhappy with pressure and intimidation to back the increasingly unpopular Mitt Romney.

With the added support of delegates from the camps of Gingrich and Rick Santorum, the list of plaintiffs in the historical suit are said to be approximately 200.  No exact number can be confirmed at this time, due mostly to the increasing numbers of victims coming forward to expose the litany of underhanded tricks the Romney camp has allegedly employed.

As for claims that the case being brought is “frivolous”, piles of evidence continue to stack up.  The age of online information sharing, live streaming video feeds, and the ever popular YouTube has afforded the legal team working on the case with a treasure trove of condemning video footage.

The most notable incident occurred at the LAGOP convention.  Where a disabled convention participant was assaulted by off duty officers. The attack resulted in the victim suffering from broken fingers and an injury to the gentleman’s prosthetic hip.

Police Assault Ron Paul Delegate at LAGOP Convention

In response to the mainstream media’s refusal to fairly cover the champion of the constitution’s campaign throughout most of the election cycle, the representatives for LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL have stated that they will not cater to media requests for information.  As such, it’s safe to say that it will be independent media such as bloggers and You Tubers will get the latest info on the case, leaving the major media networks sitting out in the cold. The bloggers are watching as they beg for scraps as they atone for the transgressions of dishonesty.  Updates on this story as it unfolds will come as soon as it is made available.  As Dr. Paul has said many times; “The revolution will NOT be televised.”

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    • I appreciate the compliment. I don’t get a chance to do my own writing often, but I try to make it count when I do. It also helps when the Main Stream Media is full of habitual liars, and you get information directly from those involved with Lawyers for Ron Paul. And as people there have told me, this is OUR story, not theirs… MSM ignored Dr. Paul through the primary season, so now they’re getting left out in the cold. I love it! The R3VOLUTION will NOT be televised.

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