Anatomy of a shill- Rooting out social network sabotage.


Ron Paul supporters who use social networking sites have found themselves under a hidden, and unseen assault.  An attitude of negative thinking has been increasing in the past few weeks in many online circles.  The stress and pressures that come with being a patriot fighting a corrupt political system, and it’s far from honest elections, can leave a liberty lover short on trust.  In all the bickering and back-biting, one can find themselves questioning every little comment that’s posted.  Before you start fueling dissent, and playing into the hands of those set on sabotage, take some time to use thought and common sense.  The information below is a pretty good how-to on identifying and IGNORING those that mean to derail success and victory. This insightful information was written by Mr. John Maige

Anatomy of a Shill

By John Maige

A shill….

1) will join growing or powerful groups and quickly try to assimilate by being the friendliest person in the world. reaching out to all the admins so that they can gather some political clout (suck ups).

2) will begin gaining their reputation in the group by posting almost meaningless phrases like “Go Ron Paul” and reposting articles that other Paul Supporters post to gain friends and recognition in the group but most importantly.. trust!

3) will then post controversial topics sneakily, rotating it around their team who does the dirty work and then they all jump in to defend the Original Poster if anyone disagrees(most likely a true RP supporter will)

4) will use psychologically constructed statement to lead the topic of discussion in a certain direction in an attempt to discover weak links in the support base. “who will you vote for if Ron paul doesn’t win? Obama or Romney”. and claim it’s just so they can get ppl’s opinions. the team then controls the direction of the post.

5)Feeding controversial Posts – When the shill team successfully creates controversy that provides the illusion of a split between paul supporters, they do anything and say anything to keep the post going so that it will be bumped to the top of the group page. this makes it the most prominent post and is a major put off to some more mature paul supporters or others coming from other candidates to consider voting for paul by entering the community to see how friendly it is before making their decision.
– There is only one way to kill the post. and that is to ignore it. the shill team will try to use a few members to say things to provoke a response from anyone. they really don’t care what response is made as long as the grotesque post stays in view at the top of the page. if no one responds after a while the shills abandon it. but not before they already created a replacement controversial post in attempt to send it down the same route!

6) They work in teams. sometimes 3, sometimes 5 or more even up to 20 may be present on a page at one time and seem to work in methods of military structure with front line assaults and backups for fallen soldiers. if they meet up against powerful resistance they may all show themselves if the topic is important enough.

What these are simple attempts by these groups to use the same psychologically manipulative techniques to sway ppl’s decisions that the Mainstream Media has used in the past. it does not respect individual thinking and choice. instead it commands you to follow their will because of the way they perceive it. and wish to impose that same perception on you before you had a proper chance to come up with your own decision.

Mindful to note that these things may Seem to occur and yet not be the work of dirty trolls and imposters. they may just be the work of very negative thinking minds or ppl on medication for depression etc because they have problems thinking positively or seeing the good side of things, or sorely under-informed ppl who did not do their complete research before posting. but your greatest weapon is thinking for yourself and know which topics should be ignored. Take facts and quote sources of information instead of following blind speculation which points in a direction where holds nothing of substance. I’m sure every true Paul supporter is well versed in the art of “thinking for oneself” and that this post is redundant to some extent because of that. but here it is.. my 2 cents on the issue.


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