Marshall D. Culpepper

With less than 2 days to go until the South Carolina state republican primaries, some voters might encounter problems when going to the polls.  For those who have not yet heard, the state’s supreme court handed down a ruling.  That ruling has been detremental to the free choice of the voters, by booting hundreds of candidates off the ballots. All this, over a very minor technical problem in the filing process.

Close to 200 candidates were dropped from ballots last month after the justices ruled that financial and candidacy paperwork must be submitted together. Democrats in Florence County sued the local GOP, saying that the Republicans didn’t follow that edict and had just certified everyone. Earlier this week, the high court sided with the Democrats and urged all counties and candidates to make sure they had followed the rules.

Nearly three dozen more candidates have been disqualified from the South Carolina primaries next week after the most recent Supreme Court ruling in the controversy, according to election officials.

But those newly decertified names will still be on ballots for next Tuesday’s voting, so signs in polling places will say which candidates’ votes won’t be counted.

The following quotes were from a statement was released by Dan Harvell, who serves as the chairman of the Anderson County Republican Party:

–  “I was saddened beyond words to be forced to remove five Republican candidates from the June primary ballot. This was a tragedy for not only the candidates, but the voters as well….”
–  “….Why, in the name of sanity, could it possibly matter what order in which any of the four components were filed with the county party?..”
–  “So I ask you, government, what had you to lose? You certainly had NOTHING to gain.”
–  “The government that is to serve us has taken one of our most precious freedoms, that of the vote, and forbidden us access to what is our birthright as Americans. I contend that if during recent history, our General Assembly – controlled by Republican majorities in the Senate and House along with the governor’s office as well, had been more careful to seat CONSERVATIVE justices on the SC Supreme Court, such a narrow, rights-restricting ruling would not have occurred. This bureaucratic/judicial insanity must end. There is no reason for government that is to serve the people and furthermore is OWNED by the taxpaying citizens to restrict our participation in its control! Insist that the roots of these problems be found and eliminated. Let not such useless, overbearing governmental lunacy rule us.”

-Dan Harvell, Chairman.
Anderson County Republican Party

This state wide ballot blunder had wide effects. Oconee County Republicans have canceled their primary after officials say a South Carolina Supreme Court ruling left no qualified candidates for the ballot.

Kylie Johnson with the county election commission said Wednesday that the primary was called off after officials determined that none of the 11 challengers had filed paperwork appropriately.

County parties around the state are re-examining candidate lists for the June 12 primary after the high court ruled Tuesday that Florence County Republicans had disregarded an earlier ruling regarding paperwork submission and just certified all candidates

Republican State Party Chairman, Chad Connely released the following video statement:



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