*Jeenyus Note;  The following text is directly from the South Carolina Club for Growth’s website, and was posted by the group on May 15th. 2012.  SC Club For Growth has also produced a video, directly targeting Sen. O’Dell and his liberal spending policies.  JEENYUS CORNER TV has Re-Posted the PAC’s original video with some slight changes for customization.

First round of 2012 PAC Candidate Endorsements

(From The South Carolina Club for Growth’s website; May 15th. 2012)

Dear Friends,

Since our founding in 2004, the SC Club for Growth has worked hard to find, help elect and then hold accountable fiscally conservative lawmakers.  With your help, our endorsed candidates have won 77% of their races and are making real progress in reforming our state government.

But much work remains to be done…..

Riley Harvell (Senate District 4 – Abbeville and Anderson Counties)

Riley Harvell is a Marine reservist who served in Iraq and returned to his hometown of Belton, SC where he and his wife are raising their two young children. He is a small business owner who has experienced first-hand the roadblocks government throws at individuals trying to start and grow a business.

Harvell also understands the importance of public service and the need for fiscal conservatives in office. We endorsed his father, Dan Harvell, six years ago in his run for the SC House of Representatives. Dan narrowly lost that race but he remained engaged in politics and now serves in an influential position as the Chairman of the Anderson County Republican Party.

Even though this is a very conservative district, it has been represented by a Democrat for the past 23 years. BillyO’Dell objects to being called a Democrat – but he was elected as one in 1989. He just changed his party affiliation in 2003, at the age of 65, to keep power after the Republicans became the Senate’s majority party. Unfortunately for his constituents, he only changed the letter behind his name – not how he votes.

Over the past 5 years, O’Dell has continued to earn an “F” with the SC Club for Growth Scorecard with an average score of 26.7. There is hardly a spending vote that O’Dell has been on the right side of, including supporting tens of millions for the aforementioned legislative slush fund, nearly a million dollars for a green bean museum, and even $3 million budget increase for the Senate in a year when teachers and police officers were being laid off because of budget cuts.

After over 20 years of being represented by a Democrat, it is time for this district to be represented by a real Republican. Harvell has already knocked on hundreds of doors, and can win this race if we help him raise the funds to get his message out to voters.

Please join us in generously supporting Riley Harvell in his run for Senate District 4, so that the fiscal conservative bloc of the Republican Party can pick up this crucial vote.


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