Senator William “Billy” O’Dell has served in the S.C. State Senate for over two decades.  He was elected in 1988 as a Democrat, but at the age of 65, he crossed the political isle after sixteen years.  As a Republican, he has continued a liberal approach to managing our tax dollars. Voting against tax relief in 2007, and again in 2011.  Instead of giving the hard working citizens of our state a break, O’Dell was more than willing to give tax incentives to NASCAR.

But the crony “good old boy” habits didn’t stop there.  O’Dell also voted to give a tax exemption, as well as approving tax breaks for out-of-state developers.  If you are not clear on how the incumbant senator’s voting record has a negative impact on the people of this state, consider this.  In 2010. O’Dell voted to raise the senate staff budget during a time where a “budget crisis” left S.C. Teachers, Firefighters, and Police facing cutbacks.  The total cost of the staff budget increase? $3,000,000.00! That’s Three MILLION dollars.  For that amount of money could have provided 94 teachers, 75 firefighters, and 150 police officers.

That $3 million was small carrots compared to the MASSIVE budget O’Dell voted to approve.  $21,000,000,000.00. Again, that’s TWENTY-ONE BILLION (with a ‘B’) Which happens to be the LARGEST budget in South Carolina History.

Riley Harvell during his service in Iraq

Yet another sobering fact about Sen. O’Dell is the substantial amount of money he’s received from special interests.  In 12 years, he’s brought in nearly $200,000 directly from special interest groups.  Raking in over $30,000 this year.

It’s time we ask ourselves, is loyalty to an incumbent more appreciated than that kind of special interest cash?  When it comes down to passing legislation, who’s interest would Mr. O’Dell consider? The ones who keep him in office, or the ones who keep his pockets lined with cash?

The opportunity to end the entrenched establishments go-along-to-get-along practices is at hand.  Which is why The Jeenyus Corner, and myself personally, intend to support and vote for Riley Harvell on June 12.

This is the first time that Sen. O’Dell will have to face opposition in a Republican Primary.   The choice that the voters have is clear.  Riley Harvell offers solid, and fiscally responsible solutions to the problems our state faces today.  He also has the leadership qualities, as a U.S. Marine, to represent the people of  SC Dist. 4.  As a TRUE conservative, Riley will stand for responsible use of our tax dollars, Fight tirelessly to defend the life of unborn children, seek out and expose corruption in Columbia, and communicate with the citizens he represents.

I look forward to casting my vote for Riley Harvell in the Republican Primary.  I hope to see you all there.


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