SC Senator Tom Davis Realizes Mitt Romney Doesn't 'Get It' | THE JEENYUS CORNER



South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis is one of several fresh faces breathing life into the conservative political arena.  He posted the following comment on his Facebook page this evening;

I endorsed Ron Paul because he’s the only candidate who: 1) understands why our country is in decline; and 2) will do what’s necessary to restore individual liberty and economic freedom. And I desperately want to believe Mitt Romney “gets it,” too. But then I read what he said in his recent interview with Mark Halperin, and I realize it just isn’t going to happen.”

He was referring to an article on, titled:  Romney’s Big Fat Wet Kiss to Keynesian Economics.  This is just another example of how true conservatives in the GOP are disenfranchised at the thought of a moderate Mitt Romney presidency.  In January, Sen. Davis (who was the most sought after endorsement leading up to the state’s primary) joined a cadre of conservative leaders who threw their support behind presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX).  This list of notable endorsements included Sen. Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg), Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Spartanburg), and Sen. Danny Verdin (R-Greenville).

On the national scene, It’s reported that Ron Paul supporters secured a majority of the delegates from the state of Louisiana.  The delegate strategy success of the Paul campaign continues to be ignored my MSM (main stream media) and the growth of the conservative movement still flourishes.  Tom Davis is leading the way for the new blood in South Carolina.


4 thoughts on “SC Senator Tom Davis Realizes Mitt Romney Doesn't 'Get It' | THE JEENYUS CORNER

  1. Thanks so much for this great article on Tom Davis. He is at the forefront of our nascent Liberty Movement here in SC. We now have a state RLC Chapter, are organising local RLC chapters, have dozens of Liberty candidates running for office, and will soon be taking our precinct re-organisations by storm. We will win SC back from the neo-cons, and hopefully will be saying US Senator Tom Davis, after 2014.

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment Mike. I agree that Sen. Davis is a true leader in the fight for liberty. We all have our part to play in the struggle to bring America back to what it once was. This blog is just my way of helping the cause. I appreciate all the support I can get from the readers. If you haven’t done so yet, I’d like to ask you to check out our page on Facebook: We’re also on twitter @jeenyuscorner, and you can subscribe for free email updates via I look forward to hearing more from you, and hope you continue to read our posts that catch your attention. Thanks again Mr. Wallace.

  2. Yes. Sen Davis is right; Mitt does not get it, and Mitt never will get it.
    Of course, in my mind, Mitt is not running to BE president. He’s a patsy to ensure Obama stays in that seat. I mean, really? Who is voting for Romney? Even the old-party mainstays seem to have a problem stating they WOULD vote-in Mitt. I have not seen any Romney signs in my (old-party) neighborhood. I’ve heard others say they like Santorum, GIngrich, and even Huntsman (but were not going to vote for him). I have heard MANY people say they are going for the real change and how Dr Paul excites them with his honesty. But, I have never had a conversation with one person who admitted voting for Mitt.
    Who, other than maybe Utah, is going to elect a guy who relies on his magic undies to protect himself? C’MON!

    Btw; Tom Davis follows me in twitter and I follow him, I first learned of him when he came out and gave his support to Ron Paul. Good guy!

    • I’m pretty familiar with Mr. Davis. We haven’t met in person, but I spend all my time watching cspan for federal proceedings, and my local pbs station when the state senate or congress is in session. I’ve been very pleased with Mr. Davis, as well as a few of his other colleges. There’s a nice growing number of younger non-establishment conservatives in our state. I like to call them the “new-blood” of the SCGOP. I’m hoping things go well tomorrow too with our primaries… (the ones that can still proceed as scheduled… smh), I’m supporting a young man who went to the same church I did. Riley Harvell, for my local district. He’s running against a 24 year incumbent who started off as a dem, but crossed the isle in 2003, pretty much to keep his spot in the senate. I’m also anxious about the 12th District race, Sen. Lee Bright is being challenged by John Hawkins… yes the same one I posted about his afternoon… Lee is a good representative, a great man, and a defender of un-born life. So, I’m really hoping he keeps his seat.

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