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Marshall D. Culpepper


Exposing The Federal Reserve System.

There is a terrible, yet little known truth here in America.  Our country is not the free country it once was in 1776.  The very ideals that we, as Americans, believe in are no longer a part of our reality.  Greed, corruption and the lust for power has cast a dark cloud over this once proud and mighty nation.  From the day that the constitution was signed, there have been powerful and influential entities seeking to steal away the hopes and dreams of  our offspring.  Through actions of deceit and misinformation, the glory of our country has been usurped by a secretive and illusive few.  America has been brought to it’s knees and led to the brink of collapse by forces that serve evil.  The information you are about to read are facts that cannot be denied.  You will see the steps, which began at America’s very inception,  that have been taken to create a perpetual slave society.  A world in which the select few hold all control and rule over the enslaved masses.

When the constitution was written, our founding fathers knew that there were those who despised the very idea of freedom.  They realized that the lust for individual power would cause many threats to arise in opposition to everything they had fought for.  The biggest threat of all was the control and manipulation of all aspects of life through the authority to create and issue currency.  It was this very threat they were concerned about when the first article of the constitution was written.  This article prescribes that; “Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.” because the founding fathers knew that private interests and banks could actually control the country by controlling the country’s money.

Long ago, the powerful European banker, Mayer Anselm Rothschild said: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes it’s laws…”  The founding fathers knew that the ability to rule a nation was directly linked to the power to create and control the currency, and such power should only be wielded by elected representatives who are made accountable to the will of those who elect them.

Flag of the United States Federal Reserve Bank

Flag of the United States Federal Reserve Bank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     For nearly 140 years, the Federal Congress alone, had  complete control over the creation and issuance of the nation’s money.  That all ended on Christmas eve in 1913.  The Federal Reserve act was passed by the congress, and the power to create the currency was handed over to the group of private bankers, known as the Federal Reserve.

The majority of Americans do not realize, nor do they understand that The United States Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency.  The Federal Reserve is  privately owned and operated by individuals, independent from the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches of the government.  To put it plainly, the Federal Reserve is no more part of our government than the delivery company, Federal Express.  This means that the power to create and regulate America’s money is not under control of the American government, but in the hands of those who operate outside of America’s laws.  To this day, all currency in America bears the title “Federal Reserve Notes”.  These notes do not represent any true value or wealth.  They are merely notes of debt that is owed to the Federal Reserve by the nation.

Currently, our nation is crippled by massive debt.  A debt created neither by democrats or republicans.  Many people in the country try to blame the nation’s debt on the current or previous presidents.  The truth is, our nation has been in debt for  just under the past 100 years.  The 1913 passage of the Federal Reserve act was the beginning of the theft of our freedom and the rape of our nation.  America has been enslaved by this debt, and our ‘master’ is the corporation that the debt is owed to.  If you are still qGenesis Communications Networkuestioning the cause of debt, think on this.  In 1910, before control of our currency was surrendered to the F.R.  the entire national debt was only One Billion Dollars.  This was approximately $12.40  per each American citizen.  This means that if every citizen in 1910 were to contribute $12.40 of their personal wealth each, the entire nation would be debt free.  Fast forward 10 years to 1920, 6-7 years after the Federal Reserve act.  The national debt had skyrocketed to $24 billion dollars.  This added up to be $228 per each citizen.  As the snowball of national debt continued to grow, so did the power and wealth of a select group of ‘elite’ persons.  By 1960, the federal debt reached $284 billion dollars, or $1,575 owed by each American citizen.  State and local debts, which were almost non-existent in 1910, were mushrooming at a staggering pace.

In 1981, the federal debt, owed to the bankers of the Federal reserve had passed $1 Trillion dollars.  The debt owed by state and local governments was even larger, bringing the total debt owed to the F.R. to over $6 Trillion dollars.  This amount was greater than 3 times the value of all the land and buildings in the entire American  Nation.  If we had ‘signed over’ ownership of the entire nation, we would still owe three more ‘Americas’ in debt to the group of international bankers.  As I pointed out earlier, the early leaders of this nation knew that this could happen.  In the 1700’s, Thomas Jefferson had warned the public of the gravity of the threat posed by the influential bankers.  He said: “If the American people ever allow private to control the issue of their currency, then the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

President Woodrow Wilson, who was president when the Federal Reserve Act was passed,  quickly realized what the Federal Reserve really was.  He explained the nature of the private bank when he said;  “A great industrial nation is controlled by it’s system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world- no longer a government of free opinion. No longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.”  It is reported that just before his death, President Wilson confided in friends that he had been “deceived” and that “I have betrayed my country.”  This confession is largely thought to be in reference to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

The only escape from this prison of debt would be for the nation to retake control of the currency.  The abolishment of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act would strip the bankers of their control of the currency and all the power that they derive from it.  Power such as this should remain with the people by way of the representatives they elect to congress.  President John F. Kennedy attempted to do just that, on June 30th. 1963.  On this date, President Kennedy signed Executive Order #11110, and effectively signed his own death warrant in doing so.  In a bold attempt to disable the Federal Reserve, JFK signed EO#11110 and amended EO# 10289 (9/19/1951).  This move stripped the F.R. of the power to control currency and placed that authority solely in the control of the Office of The President.  JFK proceed to order the issue of $4,292,893,815.00 in a new currency to be called United States Notes.  These notes, according to the order signed, were to be distributed thru the Treasury rather than the Federal Reserve Corporation.  The bankers acted quickly, and President Kennedy was assassinated, before the public could realize that the Federal Reserve was really a group of international bankers robbing America blind.

It should be clear to you now, that the Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency and does not act in the best interest of America or it’s people.  It continues to serve as the source of power for a group of thieves and charlatans.  The future of America will continue to look bleak and dreary as long as the select group of manipulators keep the boot of debt and poverty on our backs.  The Federal Reserve must be dismantled if we are to have any hope of controlling our future.  The financial system of credit and debt has to be replaced with a sound money system, based on actual value and regulated by the congress.  There are few politicians who support this sound money system.  Most are content to dance for the cameras as the banking puppet masters pull the strings.  Representative Ron Paul (R-Tx), who is currently pursuing the republican party nomination, is such a man.  He has repeatedly stated his support for a sound money system, and would certainly use the power of Executive Orders to abolish the Federal Reserve.  Dr. Paul has also spoken the truth about the IRS (which serves as the collection agency for the F.R.) and the true purpose of the Social Security system (which promises us, and our future generations to the F.R. as collateral on the debt owed).

When you research the laws passed, the executive orders signed, and follow the trail of money, there is no other conclusion that can be reached.  I encourage you to check the facts.  I want you to attempt to disprove all that I have said.  Your eyes will be opened to the sobering truths, and you will begin to see past the curtain of lies and deceit.  America is a hostage to the whims of corrupt and greedy men.  Will you allow your children to be thrown into the same cycle of bondage?  I hope not.  It is only thru understanding the past, that we can become aware of our present and make positive changes for the future.  As always, I’m The Jeenyus,  and I devour mainstream media news like a T-Rex that’s been banging 7 gram rocks.  This is not your senator’s blog site.  After reading this, your senator HATES this blog, cause I tell it how it SHOULD be told! Holla!


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